DD In Cuba ’12

  Growing up I always dreamt of visiting where my family was from. Unfortunately, I was always warned of the dangers of going to Cuba. Having left her family behind 32 years ago, my grandmother finally made the bold decision to want to return to see her last living sister, Anita. She suffers from Alzheimer’s. […]

France ’14

Hello All! Today I decided to take it back, way back to the beginning! Our first trip to France to visit Xuan’s family and friends. We tried to visit as many places as possible, but of course family time was most important! Still every place we visited was incredible! Looking through the hundreds of images […]

Neon Boneyard

If you find yourself in Vegas, we definitely suggest the Neon Museum. Now, if you’re a photographer then this will be your ultimate playground! We decided to do both the day and night tour. Although our day was very overcast it was still incredible to see these beautiful signs. It’s so wonderful that they’ve managed […]

Antelope Canyon

After months of mentally preparing to embark on an adventure of a lifetime, we wake up at 5 am and start our drive from Vegas to Arizona. The drive down was incredibly beautiful, from seeing nothing but the strip you’re driving on, to curves and mountains. While we were looking at our reservation documents, I notice that […]