Antelope Canyon

After months of mentally preparing to embark on an adventure of a lifetime, we wake up at 5 am and start our drive from Vegas to Arizona. The drive down was incredibly beautiful, from seeing nothing but the strip you’re driving on, to curves and mountains. While we were looking at our reservation documents, I notice that we need to arrive at least 45 mins in advanced. Clearly I forgot to calculate Central Standard Time, epic fail. I call the company Antelope Canyon Tours, Inc  and advise them that we are rushing to get there on time, to please not leave without us. After Xuan drives over 120mph while I’m freaking out, we finally get there. We run inside and announce our arrival, only to find out that they sold it to another person. What the mother f*ck!? At this point it was time to think on our feet, these tours sell out months in advance, how the hell were we going to pull something out of thin air?! Fortunately, I make a few calls and find Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours, at this point I’d call them, our hero. After waiting for an hour for our tour to commence, we jumped on a truck and drove off into the desert. What we came across brought the most beautiful emotions, left us completely speechless and reminded us how small we are in this world.

These wonders of the world that surround us.







After an hour inside this beautiful canyon we decided to visit a close neighbor … Horseshoe Bend. This experience was also beyond words, after you hike for about 30 mins you find yourself walking towards the end of the world … not really but it felt like it.

La joie de vivre.









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